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by The Adderbury Ensemble | Grainger: Molly On The Shore

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Tchaikovsky, Elgar, Grainger

Tchaikovsky: Serenade In C Major

1.  Pezzo In Forma Di Sonatina 9:17
2. Waltzer 3:49
3. Elegie 9:11
4. Finale 7:27

Elgar: Serenade In E minor

5. Allegro Piacevole 3:14
6. Larghetto 5:53
7. Allegretto 2:42

Grainger: Irish Tune From Country Derry 3:20

Grainger: Molly On The Shore 3:55

All pieces performed by the Adderbury Ensemble

Violin 1

Simon Lewis, Roger Huckle, Briony Shaw, Cathy Thompson, Steven Banks, Abigail Brown

Violin 2

Christopher Windass, Paul Warburton, Sally Fenton, Lorna Windass, Joanne Green


Jane Atkins, Giles Francis, Richard Nelson


William Schofield, Jane Fenton, Roberto Sorrentino

Double Bass


Recorded at St Mary’s Church, Adderbury, Oxfordshire on July 22, 1996
Audio engineering by Paul Arden-Taylor and Michael Ponder
Digital editing and post production by Paul Arden-Taylor
Produced by Michael Ponder